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Ravish'd with Sacred Extasies


A programme of Elizabethan and Restoration Devotional songs to the lute and theorbo by Thomas Campian, John Dowland, Pelham Humfrey and Henry Purcell,

with complementary lute music by Dowland and René Mesangeau.

An award-winning CD of the same name features much of this repertoire

(see Ravish'd CD)

Elin Manahan Thomas and David Miller

David Miller and Elin Manahan Thomas
Photo by William Unwin


If Music be the Food of Love


Songs by Dowland, Purcell and Schubert, accompanied by lute, theorbo and  

19th century guitar, with instrumental works by Dowland, Robert de Visée and Johann Kaspar Mertz.  (Click here for 19C guitar performance of Mertz on YouTube)

A programme highlighting the most significant periods in musical history when singing to the accompaniment of plucked instruments flourished - works by three of the greatest song composers of all time!

Elin Manahan Thomas


David Miller

lute, theorbo, 19th century guitar


Blessed with a voice of crystalline purity and resonance, Elin is admired by lovers of Baroque music around the world. She is perfectly matched by lutenist David Miller who is much sought after as a duo partner. Two artists at the top of their profession, inspiring each other in the performance of music they are both passionate about.


They offer two programmes:

"What mostly matters here, besides the occasional brilliant poem, is the touching, sober, and sometimes intense singing of Elin Manahan Thomas and the exquisite lute playing by David Miller. ... Theirs is a winning combination."

Michael Ullman, Fanfare USA

Ravish'd with Sacred Extasies
CD cover

Shirley Scott Music Management and Ikon Arts Management

work in collaboration to promote this duo.

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Photo: William Unwin

"If music be the food of love,

sing on till I am fill'd with joy."

Henry Heveningham